Healthspan Coaching cancellation policy


Who does this policy apply to?

This cancellation policy applies to clients for whom I have reserved one or more training times each week on an ongoing basis, as agreed with the client. This includes clients who purchase packs as well as those who pay week-to-week. 

What is the purpose of this policy?

As the appointment times are reserved for you every week, I will not be able to fill them if you cancel with short notice, and frequent cancellations of reserved spaces significantly affect my income and ability to cover gym rent. Therefore, this cancellation policy is in place to deter frequent cancellations and allow me the ability to reallocate a reserved session time to another client if you’re not able to commit.

Cancellation policy details:
I understand that life gets in the way, and I want to be as flexible as possible with training times. If you need to reschedule a session, I will do my best to accommodate another time during that week around other booked sessions, however sometimes it won’t be possible if I’m booked out at the times you prefer.

I also understand if something comes up at short notice and you need to cancel without rescheduling. To accommodate this, one out of every four reserved sessions may be cancelled without penalty i.e. if you train once a week, you can cancel one session out of four weeks, or if you train twice a week you can cancel one session out of two weeks. A cancellation is a training session that is not rescheduled within the same week or before the next scheduled training session.

Cancellations that are more frequent than one out of every four sessions will either need to be paid in full in order for you to keep the reserved session time, or I reserve the right to reallocate the reserved time to another client. We will discuss this if the situation occurs. If I reallocate the reserved session, you will still be able to make appointments week to week, but I won’t be able to guarantee availability.