Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Guide

Comprehensive – this guide will teach you the most important and effective nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies that you can implement over the coming weeks and months to improve your health and initiate the body composition changes you desire.

Diet Guidelines and Nutritious Recipes

Short and sweet – the 7 most important diet rules, food list, tracking instructions and 30+ simple recipes that are calorie controlled, balanced, satiating and delicious.

Meal plans

Linked below are 18 individual meal plans, each containing a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes along with a weekly planner, shopping list and nutritional information. The recipes are all based on minimally processed whole-food ingredients, are nutritionally balanced and delicious! You may need to adjust portion sizes to meet your own nutritional targets, or you can use the recipes as inspiration when creating your own weekly meal plan. 

High protein meal plans

40-30-30 weight loss diet
5 day high protein low carb program

Sugar free meal plans

Sugar free diet
Sugar free paleo diet

Light meal plans

Project beach body program week 1
Project beach body program week 2

Anti-inflammatory meal plans

Mediterranean diet
Ketogenic diet

Good for the gut meal plans

Leaky gut diet
Low FODMAP diet

Hormone balancing meal plans

Women’s hormone balancing diet
PCOS diet

Meal prep, slow cooker and pressure cooker meal plans

Meal prep mania program
Easy peasy slow cooker program
Set it forget it pressure cooker program

Vegetarian and vegan meal plans

Vegetarian summer fresh program
Low fat vegan diet
Whole food plant based diet

Recipe collections

Stir fry recipes